Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Comfort in the Night

Im so grateful for the people's lives that I have been able to bless. A lady the other day at the gas station asked for some money so she could get to her job in salt lake. I was so happy to be able to spare a little change for this woman. How amazing I felt inside. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Today more than ever though I was a comforter in the night. Around 11:57 I called the love of my life to wish her a goodnight. We both seemed tired but, I just could sense something was bugging her. After we hung up I asked her if there was anything that I could do for her. After about 3 minutes I called her back. She answered and to my surprise something had been bugging her. I was so grateful for the chance I had to make
Her happy and feel so loved. We talked for a while about struggles and pains. I never ever want Brittany to not feel loved or afraid. Someone once told me a goal written down is merely a wish. I would like to make my own statement like this. A promise not written down is merely a let down.

Brittany, this is my promise to you: I will love you and put you first in my life beyond anyone else. I will love you forever and for all of eternity. I'm never letting make me the happiest woman alive. And so my promise is to make you the happiest woman alive. I love you baby.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sometimes the Right Decisions are the Hardest

I've fallen in love. I'm head over heels for Brittany Elaine Kerr. She makes me so happy, and treats me so well. She makes me work to the best of my abilities. I love every moment that we spend together and I hope that she cherishes that.

On June 25, I made the biggest decision in my life, ever! And it was worth every moment in my life!


I proposed to this BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS and DAZZLING girl. She makes my life so perfect and wonderful. 

On Saturday, I woke this beautiful princess up out of bed and wished her a happy birthday. We went to the temple and walked around for a little bit... Okay it was a while. 

 We walked around the temple and talked of beautiful and futuristic things. As we came around to the East Side of the temple, I sat down on the stone bench and Brittany sat next to me. While there I gazed into this BEAUTIFUL young woman and just thought. This was the girl I wanted to be with for eternity. I wanted to spend every moment with. I wanted to fight any battle with, and raise a family with. We started talking about how waiting for me on a mission would not be easy, and our love for each other. Just then, at that very moment, I fell to one knee, and pulled out a ring, and took Brittany's hands in mine and told her:

Brittany I want to make the next two years as easy as possible for you.
Brittany in two years will you marry me in this very temple, in the house of our God.

I never felt more in love than I did the moment Brittany shed that first tear, placed her hands around my head and looked deeply into my eyes and said yes. The feelings that were expressed that day were so beautiful and gorgeous. I will never forget those eyes or that beautiful face. It's engraved into my very soul. 

Brittany Elaine Kerr, I want to spend eternity with you.

I Love You

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keys to Success

A very humble man in my ward shared with me the keys to success. Bro. Weller is a great man. He teaches me so much. I'm very excited to serve my mission and to serve the people in the West Indies! The
Church is True!

1.       Read the scriptures every morning and night.  DON’T EVER MISS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
2.       Pray with all of your heart for help to accomplish your goals.
3.       Study every day.  Consistency is more important than quantity.  Consistency is paramount.

It's the simplest formula to find your way to true happiness. I tend to follow it for the rest of my life, and beyond!

A Wonderful Weekend.... Again

These two crazy people are in love. So much and we love every moment of it. Brittany and I spent the weekend together at my house and whoa! Doesn't she looking gorgeous.

This weekend Brittany came over on Friday night and met at Cold Stone. We drove to my house and got ready for the night, then went with Brittany (my sister) and Regan, and ate at Texas Road House. The food was amazing there, but the people that were there made it such a memorable experience. We went home after and went on a jog then watched I am number 4. Brittany Kerr has this tendency to distract me from movies a lot though. It's alright by me though. I know you just were thinking, Hey!, when I wrote that Brittany. We talked about our lives and just the funniest things you can imagine. We got ready for bed and Brittany and I just laughed and I tucked her in and she was safe and sound. 

The next morning we woke up and went to Cold Stone, and I decorated a few cakes. We went home and my mom took a nap and Brittany and I worked on some stuff and talked about the night. It was fun sitting on my bed with our laptops just being together talking and laughing and other things. After my mom woke up she gave Brittany a make over! It was beyond gorgeous. I couldn't believe it. It was also Brittany's first time ever getting highlights. She looked dang good to. We went on a date and went and ate at Cafe Rio and watched the fireworks in Provo. After we came home and ate chocolates out on my tramp til two in the morning. We love being together, making each other happy, and laughing at the funniest random things. After we had fallen asleep and woken up countless times we decided to go to bed in each of our own separate beds. I tucked Brittany in after a deadly toothbrush fight in our upstairs bathroom. The next morning I woke Brittany up and we just had a lot of smiles and love towards each other. ;) We went to church, and then drove around after. It was so much fun. We spent the rest of our time together that Sunday, by the temple and at a very lovely place! I'm in love with this girl. It's ridiculous!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nemo, Don't Touch the Butt...

Ah what I great laugh I had tonight. Brittany told me how it was awesome that I worked my butt off and that it really was a turn on, but the funniest part is I still do have a butt. Haha! I gotta love her. She makes me laugh like crazy. I am so excited everyday, even just to say one word to Brittany. The other day I was able to talk to Brittany, after waking her up. I'm exhausted right now after working all night. I want to go to Idaho to see the love of my life. I have to hurry and do as much as I can tomorrow so I am going to work my tail off. I'm off to bed! Goodnight everybody!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Your Welcome

I'm glad I sent you that poem Brittany. Hehe, I sent the love of my life a beautiful poem today and it made me giggle. Tonight with a few friends we had smores at my house. I can't wait for the wonderful evening when Brittany and I can sit next to the heat of the fire, and stare into each others eyes, and see how wonderful the other is. Thanks for holding on Brittany. I love you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I love this picture, and this woman. Oh so, so much. It's exciting the things that we are able to do. I'm preparing for my future day by day. It's exciting. I'm exhausted and tired today, but it's so worth it. I'm preparing for the future. 

What a wonderful person this woman is. If she could only understand how much I love her. The things that I could do for her, are amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that is. It's so cool to think about the future ahead. What a wonderful blessing to have this beautiful daughter of God in my life. I'm doing this all for her, because I know deep down it's all worth it. I can't begin to describe my love for her.